my face hurts

Jane Monzures crashed “Crafty Coaster Girl” Jennifer Enck’s backyard craft room and what she found was a craft oasis where quirky coasters rule the world.

Jennifer Enck of Drinks and Crafts uses her craft space to turn funny cocktail napkins into more than just a throwaway laugh. Using simple decoupage, anyone can make a conversation piece that can last a lifetime or until you accidentally drop it after your third Moscow Mule.

What you’ll need

How to do it

Cut napkin to the same size as the ceramic tile.cut napkinLightly coat the ceramic tile with Mod Podge, evenly distributing the adhesive using a brush.
apply mod podgeCarefully place napkin on the tile making sure to avoid wrinkling
place napkinBrush Mod Podge onto the front of the napkinapplying mod podgeLet Dry 24 hours


Seal with Polycrilic mod podge brush

Let sit an hoursomebody say vodkaApply Peel and Stick Felt to the Bottom to Prevent Surface Scratchingstick on felt And voila! That napkin is now a conversation piece coaster.craft

Want to see how it’s done? Watch the video below.