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Halloween Activities for Celebrating Social Distance Style

Halloween may look a little different this year, but there are still ways for families to celebrate in a safe and socially distanced environment. One thing the pandemic has taught us is that it is SO important for our children (and us too!) to keep things as normal as possible . . . and that means we just have to get creative!

Niki Jones of San Diego Moms gives fun and creative ideas for Halloween activities your family can do to celebrate and stay safe.

Have your kids go “trick or treating” inside your home.

And make each room or door an opportunity to “trick or treat”. You can decorate each door in the house and number them, then send your kids off to “trick or treat” with the opportunity to get candy and prizes at each door!

Halloween activities

Team up with your neighbors & create a schedule for trick or treating.

Leave candy in each mailbox (with sanitizing stations at each scheduled home), hang from the trees or a fence or at the door and have the kids visit participating houses during their selected time slot.

Create and host a Halloween Scavenger Hunt.

CLICK HERE to download our FREE Halloween Printable Scavenger Hunt (or find one online). Then send your kids out to find all the decorations in the neighborhood, in costume of course! Afterwards everyone gets a candy goodie bag and the child who finds the most can win a different Halloween-themed prize.

Halloween activities

Host a Halloween themed outdoor or indoor movie night.

Dress up in your Halloween costumes, have Halloween themed snacks, treats and games, followed by your family favorite Halloween-themed movie.

Here are some of our family favorites: Ghostbusters, Hotel Transylvania, Monster House, Spooky Buddies, Scoob or the Addams Family.

Host a mini block party in your cul-de-sac or connecting backyards. 

If you have expanded your “Quarantine Bubble” you can include a few extended family members or neighbors that live nearby.

Get your kids involved in planning a “spook”-tacular family dinner.

Pick a theme like Día de Los Muertos, and everyone can dress up and have the kids research menu and decoration ideas.

Make up individual goodie bags and use them to decorate. 

Make goodie bags to alleviate kids reaching into a candy bowl or hang the bags on a tree, in a mailbox or a fence for families to grab.

Go BIG with house decorations this year. 

This will help your kids get in the spirit and then you can celebrate at your home with any of the above Halloween activities!

There are also a TON of businesses and events that have taken the steps to offer a safe, socially distanced Halloween experience. So, if you feel comfortable, get out and support a local business by attending a local virtual or in-person event.

We have put together a great round up of local Halloween events happening you can find HERE.

The County of San Diego has put together a resource guide for families to navigate celebrating Halloween during the COVID-19 pandemic. As always stay safe and do what is right for your family.

Have a fun idea on how to celebrate this year? We would love to hear, drop it in the comments.