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Savory Simon and Hubig’s Pies Gone but Not Forgotten

Simon Hubig opened Hubig’s Pies in New Orleans in 1922. “Savory Simon” was the mascot of Hubig’s fruit and sweet-filled, fried pies, and the logo remained the same from the day it was created. Sadly, in August of 2012, a five-alarm fire destroyed Hubig’s, and the company hasn’t made a comeback yet. “Hubig’s Pies gone but not forgotten” is a phrase you will hear people from New Orleans say when you ask them about this beloved brand.

Apple and lemon were customers’ favorite flavors. Hubig’s was also known for creating seasonal flavors such as sweet potato. Real jumbo yams were used that were bought from farmers in the western half of the state of Louisiana.

Hubig’s used steam to cook the fruit. It took two hours to make the pies in order for them to cool and harden. The pies were produced, delivered and shipped five days a week and were coded for a one-week shelf life to ensure freshness.

In September 2016, Haydel’s Bakery in New Orleans came out with their version of Hubig’s pies. To learn more, visit https://www.haydelbakery.com/site.php