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Paying Tribute to the New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians

The culture of the New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians is a significant American tradition. It was formed when African slaves fled and hid with Native American tribes. During this time, they embraced each other’s cultures, both of which included the wearing of feathers and drumming.

The Mardi Gras Indian process was born out of the Native Americans’ expression of gratitude to the African slaves for their support. They worked together under the common enemy of oppression with perseverance and courage. Entertainment from the Mardi Gras Indians includes masking, suits, drumming and dancing, all of which are used to celebrate their culture.

New Orleans honors the Mardi Gras Indians during Black History Month, Mardi Gras season and all year round. To learn more about Mardi Gras Indians, visit https://www.mardigrasneworleans.com/history/mardi-gras-indians/