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No Substitute for the Authentic New Orleans Po-Boy

The Oak Street Po-Boy Fest in New Orleans exists to make people aware that the original po-boy does not compare to any other sandwich because of its extreme uniqueness. There’s absolutely no substitute for the authentic New Orleans po-boy because it is a tradition and part of the city’s history. Numerous restaurant chains are trying to re-create the city’s po-boy, but theirs will never compare to the real thing.

In the 1920’s, when streetcar drivers in New Orleans went on strike, they were given po-boys to eat by the Martin Brothers who had a little sandwich shop down in the Bywater. This is how the making of the po-boy or ‘poor’ boy began. The sandwich has bread, meat, lettuce and tomatoes, which cover all of the food groups in one meal.

The French bread and local cuisine of these sandwiches represent the character of New Orleans. You can only find po-boys made the right way here. So come on out to the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival! And enjoy the great city of New Orleans’ music and cuisine.