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CSN’s Lawrence Weekly Dedicated to Making a Difference

Motivational and inspiring leader, Lawrence Weekly, is the former Clark County Commissioner and current Chief of Staff & Director of Diversity at College of Southern Nevada.

Lawrence Weekly, Chief of Staff & Director of Diversity at College of Southern Nevada and former Clark County Commissioner in Las Vegas, is an inspiring and motivational leader, who by his contributions has impacted the community. He’s a visionary who is passionate about making a difference.

We had the honor of interviewing Lawrence Weekly in recognition of the life-changing work he’s doing in the community. Watch the video above, or read the full interview transcription below (lightly edited for clarity).

Lawrence Weekly
Courtesy: Clark County, Nevada (YouTube/ClarkCountyNV)

Former Clark County Commissioner

William McCurdy II, Clark County Commissioner (00:01) – I would describe Former Commissioner Weekly as a very thoughtful, engaged, and also a very inspiring leader.

Dr. Constance Brooks, Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs and Advancement, Nevada System of Higher Education (00:10) – He is one of those walking examples of sort of a full circle moment of community engagement, community support and leadership.

WM (00:21) – Former Commissioner Weekly accomplished a lot in overseeing the construction of the Dr. William U. Pearson Center, the renovation of the MLK Community Center which houses many of our seniors each and every day to enhance their quality of life. And now we can all enjoy the Historic Westside Legacy Park that he also was a visionary of as well.

Lawrence Weekly
Courtesy: Clark County, Nevada (YouTube/ClarkCountyNV)

Volunteerism and Community Service

CB (00:43) – Understanding the need for volunteerism and community service to help, especially the underserved community within the Historic Westside of Las Vegas which he’s a product of.

Lawrence Weekly (00:56) – I had very humble beginnings, and you know, to see that my life had purpose, or it has purpose, that it’s impacting someone else’s life. Wow. It’s an extraordinary feeling.

WM (01:09) – When I think about Lawrence Weekly, I think about someone who’s compassionate, someone who’s dedicated, someone who is going to make sure that the voices of the voiceless are represented in the hallways and in the offices of the most powerful places. And he is that person.

CB (01:28) – He is someone who loves the community, who always wants to see the community do better. He will do his absolute best to make sure that the community is connected to whatever resources are necessary so that it is a better place than he left it.

LW (01:42) – It’s our job to make sure any resources out there, any partnerships we could establish, to be able to bring in resources to say…Come on, we’re behind you. We’ve got you. You know, that, to me, is what keeps that hope alive.

Lawrence Weekly
Courtesy: Clark County, Nevada (YouTube/ClarkCountyNV)

Chief of Staff at College of Southern Nevada

WM (02:10) – He brings a lot of value to any institution, but particularly with his current role as the Chief of Staff at the College of Southern Nevada which is the engine for workforce development.

LW (02:25) – There’s so much hope just looking at students in their laptops, taking notes, with their backpacks headed to class. You still see those glimpses of hope with young people dreaming that it’s possible.

WM (02:41) – He’s definitely paved the path for many in not only District D in the Historic Westside, but all across our region.

LW (02:50) – I hope that this inspires some young person who may have had a humble beginning like mine to know that you can make it. You know, you can make it. Allow people out there to love on you, and encourage you, and pour into you.

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