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Nwogbe Law Group: A Pillar of the Las Vegas Community

Las Vegas native and Personal Injury Attorney, Stephen Nwogbe is a business owner with a passion for helping others, a true beacon of hope in the community.

Attorney Stephen Nwogbe is the owner and managing attorney of Nwogbe Law Group, a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stephen is a pillar of his community, mentoring children, and black youth, and setting an example of what you can achieve with hard work and determination.

Recently, we interviewed Stephen and learned of his remarkable accomplishments and contributions. Watch the above video or read the full interview transcription we’ve provided below (lightly edited for clarity).

Nwogbe Law Group
Stephen Nwogbe, Courtesy: Nwogbe Law Group

What It Means to Be an Attorney

Stephen Nwogbe, Owner and Managing Attorney of Nwogbe Law Group (00:01) – Black History represents integrity, character, strength, leadership, so many things. I am attorney Stephen Nwogbe. I’m the owner and managing attorney of the Nwogbe Law Group. We are a personal injury law firm here in Las Vegas, Nevada. You know, growing up, I never saw a lot of black attorneys. It just wasn’t something that you normally saw.

(00:28) – As an attorney now and as an adult male, I understand the significance and the importance of being a beacon of hope. My inspiration for becoming a lawyer was I wanted to be the first lawyer in my family. That’s one thing and I accomplished that. I also wanted to make sure that I entered into a career field that would allow me to work directly with people in an impactful, life changing way.

Stephen Nwogbe
Stephen Nwogbe, Courtesy: Nwogbe Law Group

The Inspiration Behind Stephen’s Career

SN (00:58) – My journey to becoming an attorney was inspired by a number of individuals. I have family members, friends, loved ones, educators, all kinds of people that inspired me. A few notable inspirations to me were my father who fought in the the Biafran Civil War in Nigeria prior to immigrating to the United States. I watched him go respectfully from being a poor immigrant, to having a successful career as an engineer for the past 30 plus years up to his retirement last year.

(01:30) – Another individual that has really inspired my journey is my grandfather, Nathaniel Collins. He moved here to Las Vegas from Arkansas around the 1940s, 1950s. And at that time, Las Vegas was segregated.

Nwogbe Law Group
Stephen Nwogbe, Courtesy: Nwogbe Law Group

Nwogbe Law Group’s Community Involvement

SN (01:45) – So I myself am, as well as my law firm, we do a lot of work in our community, and give back to our community in a number of ways. We regularly sponsor and support a number of youth sports organizations here in Las Vegas. We sponsor and provide scholarship opportunities to law school students.

(02:05) – When I mentor young black children or the black youth here in our community, there are some key lessons that I want them to take away from that mentorship. And those things are I want them to be confident, I want them to be well grounded. I want them to understand that they will grow up in a society that will demand more of them than their peers. I want them to know that they’ll have to work twice as hard to become successful.

(02:34) – I want people to know and understand that Black History is not only for black people, Black History is American History. And Black History should be celebrated year-round. We can’t erase the history of our nation. But what we can do is we can celebrate and recognize and appreciate those who have suffered unspeakable atrocities and struggled to gain equal footing on this land.

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