Come along for an amazing adventure down the Mighty Mississippi River. Experience New Orleans hospitality at its best with this nostalgic, behind-the-scenes look at the majestic Steamboat Natchez.
Cox customers in Las Vegas can enjoy San Diego Padres broadcasts all season long on YurView Extra Cox Channel 379
How can you make sure you don't undervalue your worth when negotiating salary or finding a new career? Sean Turconi from Resume CEO tells us exactly how to do that, on this Pro Tip segment of Career Hunters. PLUS....what's the #1...
Cancer does not pick and choose who it effects. Sometimes people with absolutely no family history receive a cancer diagnosis. 
On this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected, follow along as Dr. Liz explains four red flags to domestic violence, and what to do if you suspect you might be experiencing domestic violence in your relationship.
Enough spoons were laid out for the hosts and the family, and filled with mostly sugar.. with the exception of one, which is filled with salt! See if you can tell by their reactions, who got the salt before it's revealed!
Some of you might remember when we had professional race car driver Mark Wertz on Living 757 virtually! Well he invited Ashley out to Langley Speedway in Hampton to experience all things race day, and it didn’t disappoint.
America’s most patriotic town is once again honoring its Fourth of July tradition that has spanned the course of more than two centuries. Bristol’s 237th annual Military, Civic and Fireman’s parade kicks off its 2.5-mile route at 10:30 am...
Three families. One neighborhood. Brought together for the first time. Meet The Neighbors introduces three families from Santa Barbara who live blocks away from one another but have never met. As a fun way to introduce themselves, Cox helped each family create fun 80s-style TV intros to air on TV for the whole neighborhood to see.
Attorney Zac Hutchison from Huffman & Huffman joined the Living 757 crew to help educate us on “trauma season,” and how to hopefully avoid a trip to the ER!
USL Championship Soccer: San Diego Loyal vs Colorado Springs Switchbacks - Monday, July 18th at 7:00 pm PT. Live Stream is available only in San Diego County.