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Highlights: Landry Walker vs Warren Easton

Last year’s state champions, the Landry Walker High School Chargin’ Bucs, were brought down last night by the Warren Easton Eagles.

The intra city rivalry brought the undefeated Eagles to Behrman Stadium, against 5A Chargin’ Bucs.

Though both defenses scored a touchdown, offenses on both sides struggled.

In the first quarter, Chargin’ Bucs’ quarterback, Chad Alexander, connected in the endzone for their first touchdown. After a missed field goal, the score was 6-0 with 2:33 left on the clock. Almost immediately after, Tywan Francis completed a turnover to score a second Chargin’ Bucs touchdown in as many minutes.

Warren Easton felt the heat from Landry Walker’s defensive line, as they struggled to get the ball down the field. The Eagles followed up shortly after, putting themselves on the scoreboard with 12-7 in with 5:50 left in the second quarter. The Eagles’ Damien Tate, a wide receiver, was then responsible for the last touchdown of the game. Warren Easton left the half in the lead 14-12.

In the second half, the score remained at 14-12. Defensive back Jahmal Sam successfully got in a tackle, preventing the Landry Walker offense to move up the field any farther.

The fourth quarter started with Chad Alexander making a huge effort to work in some passing yards, later resulting in an interception by Chester Kimbrough

At the end of the game, neither team could break 100 passing yards. Landry Walker finished the game with 55 yards, while Warren Easton finished with 85. Despite Landry Walker having exceeded Warren Easton in both rushing yards and first downs, their offense struggled to get the ball moving past the Eagle defense. The Eagles managed one point more off of turnovers than the Chargin’ Bucs, along with one more third down conversion.

Landry Walker falls 0-3 following this game; Warren Easton holds on to their undefeated record.

To watch the full game, go HERE.