At certain times in our careers, we can begin to feel like we’ve plateaued….we can feel stuck…We like what we do….We’re thankful for our jobs but we’re anxious to keep progressing and advancing and it just doesn’t seem to be happening for us quick enough.


Especially coming out of the pandemic, more people report feeling stagnant in their current jobs… “The great resignation” that we’re witnessing right now attests to that…people are reassessing their careers in droves…


Here to talk with us today about a related issue is Leigh Woisard. She is Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at Cox Communications. She has been a professional communicator for 30 years helping companies, brands, elected officials to tell their stories and put their best foot forward. Leigh often speaks to professionals – particularly women – about being intentional about building their career narratives. She says that its critical to take control of your own career narrative to increase your visibility and the chances of you being consider for a new job or promotion.


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