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Lots to See and Do at the Arizona Museum of Natural History

Museum founded May 1977 by a group of dedicated volunteers

The Arizona Museum of Natural History in downtown Mesa is almost 40 years old. According to Kathy Eastman, Curator of Education, it was founded May 1977, by a group of dedicated volunteers who are still the heart and soul of the museum.

Often called the dinosaur museum because there are so many of them, Eastman explains there is a lot more to see and do. The museum features an amazing archeological collection from the cultures of Central and South America, but is most famous for the collection of the Hohokam culture. The prehistoric Hohokam people once lived here in the Valley. There is also a gallery about space and the origins of the Earth, along with rocks and minerals. Eastman says there is something for everyone.

Natural-History Arizona Museum of Natural History

The museum is a large facility and there is a lot to see, but Eastman’s advises visitors to relax and take their time. They should tell staff and volunteers where their interests lie and be directed to the exhibit. Visitors should see what they want to see and what interests them.

If time is limited, Dinosaur Mountain is the big wow factor and a must see. It is a three story exhibit complete with waterfall and flashflood. It shows a timeline of when the dinosaurs appeared, as well as when plants were introduced. It is a must see for all ages.