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‘Driven’ a New Series for Car Enthusiasts & Anyone Who Loves the Drive

Do you love cars, hitting the open road and taking off on the next great road trip adventure? Tune-in to Driven, a new national multi-platform series on YurView that highlights the American love affair with cars and the open road. 

Driven premieres Sunday, February 10th on YurView in Cox markets around the country and new episodes air weekly. Scheduled air times are Sunday at 5:30pm, Wednesday at 7:00pm and Saturday at 12:00pm and 8:00pm (check local listings). For additional coverage and special features, visit yurview.com.

Simply put, Driven is a show filled with stories about cars. It’s not car reviews or road tests, it’s stories about why we love them, the roads we love to drive and places we stop to see. These are stories from the road, about the road and the destinations those roads have taken interesting individuals.

Learn about the high-octane side of automotive amusement and the stories of the automobiles from the past that are creating memories today. The series takes a peek into the future of driving and what new tech and toys might be on a car lovers’ wish list.

For anyone who drives for work or pleasure, staying safe behind the wheel is extremely important. Viewers get a chance to ask a mechanic about cars, car repairs and avoiding car trouble. Plus practical tips you can use for buying and maintaining your automobile.

Driven is hosted by Tom Gregory, an eight-time Emmy Award-winning host, producer and writer. He’s worked in radio, television, documentary films, news and sports. Most of all, Tom is a storyteller who has a problem saying “No” to an adventure.

Rick DeBruhl, who’s covered the Indy Car Series with ESPN as part of the broadcast team and is a contributor with Motor Trend Network, will be reporting as well.

Featured show segments:

High Octane:  Hitting the track and exploring the vehicles that can’t drive 55.

Great American Drives: The roads that move Americans—physically and emotionally.

Road Life:  Stories from the road and the people who love the drive.

Tech ‘N Toys: Tech-based segment on the innovations driving the future of the automotive industry.

Yo! Adrian: Ask a mechanic about cars, car repairs, avoiding car trouble. Plus helpful tips on buying a used car and how to keep your car on the road and off the rack.

The Classics: An Up-Close and Personal Look at some of the most amazing vehicles to ever hit the pavement.

Road Test: Weekly trivia question about all things automotive.

KBB Drives: Features from KBB TV.

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In addition to a national perspective, local Cox markets have an opportunity to be a part of Driven. This includes exclusive sponsorships, billboards and a segment for each show that’s geared towards local viewers.

Hop in the passenger seat and join us for road trips on some of America’s great drives or buckle up for a couple laps around the race track.

From coast to coast to coast, Driven is not about the drive… it’s about the adventure!

Watch ‘Driven’ – Sunday at 5:30pm, Wednesday at 7:00pm and Saturday at 12:00pm & 8:00pm (check local listings for channel information).

Visit YurView.com for additional coverage, including host bios and special features.