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Arrive and Drift on Land and Water

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NOLA Motorsports

Drifting is the fastest growing motor sport in the world with no signs of slowing down.

If you want to skid and do new tricks, learning how to drift is for you. Drift Legend Naoki Kobayashi says don’t overthink. Just go into a turn and try to spin out.

While you’re spinning out, see if you can correct it, continue spinning out, and then drive out of it. Next thing you know, that eventually equates to drifting.

Driven host Tom Gregory gets a Drift 101 lesson from NOLA Motorsports instructor Kali Kerns:

“To me, the best way I can put drifting…it’s the intentional act of getting a car sideways through a navigated course,” Kobayashi said. The intentional part is important because it has to be done with skill.

NOLA Motorsports has been working with U.S. professional series Formula Drift on a licensing series of competitions which gives drifters the opportunity to work their way up to the pro’s:

It’s a truck, it’s a boat, it’s a Duck! Based on World War II amphibious landing vehicles, these Ducks have carried over 12 million visitors since the Boston Duck Tours began in 1994. Jim McCue, comic and founder of the Boston Comedy Festival, joins Gregory for a lighthearted yet informative tour of the city:

Back at NOLA Motorsports, Drift 101 still has more to teach Gregory such as how to let go to maintain control, but practice makes perfect. Kerns shows him how it’s done:

On a serious note, stay in your lane! Are you familiar with the new technology Lane Departure Assist? ASE Certified Master Mechanic Adrian LeBlanc shows how it could save your life and the lives of others:

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