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The Culinary Creativity of PBS’ Chef Catherine De Orio

Catherine De Orio Creative Living Podcast
Catherine De Orio, Host of PBS’ “Check, Please!”

Catherine De Orio’s path to the kitchen may be considered a bit on the unorthodox side. Mrs. De Orio is a former attorney who left her burgeoning career in the courtroom for one in the culinary arts. She is a formally trained chef, lifestyle expert, spokesperson, journalist, web editor and public speaker.

Catherine attended culinary school in Chicago while still working as a litigator. Her unique blend of culinary, creative and oratory skills caught the eye of executives at Sara Lee Corporation and she was hired as their media spokesperson (and culinary consultant) in 2006. On their behalf and others, she has done over 600 appearances on every major network including NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CW and WGN with spots on The Today Show, Better TV, The Rachael Ray Show and Cooking Channel. Catherine is the host of the PBS series “Check, Please!”.

Podcast Highlights:

(1:15)  Catherine’s Ora

(1:47)  Journey from the Courtroom

(5:45)  A Change of Heart

(9:58)  Creativity in the Kitchen

(13:31)  ‘Top Chef’s’ Influence

(18:42)  Psychology of Food

(20:45)  Making a Recipe Your Own

(25:15)  The Satisfaction of Food

(27:30)  Catherine’s Top 3 Favorite Foods

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