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It’s a Fashion Face-Lift for Your Wardrobe with Easy DIY Ideas

Keeping up with fashion can be expensive but you don’t have to buy all the latest trends, just get inspired by them to make your own. All you need to do is refashion items from a thrift store and pair them with any ready to wear garments you already have. Consider it a fashion facelift for your wardrobe.

Things you can find at a thrift store are: sweatshirts, old blouses, pants and skirts and they can all have a new life.

Refashioning Tips to Remember:
  1. RAID YOUR CLOSET AND THE THRIFT STORE… be open, be creative… take a blouse and visualize the possibilities. What would it be like to chop the legs off those bootleg pants?
  2. ANYONE CAN DO IT! Sewing is the best option but if you’re simply a lost there’s always hand stitching, you can use fabric glue, safety pins and use fusible fabric to attach two pieces.
  3. DON’T BE AFRAID to cut into the garment… the only mistake you can make is a creative mistake, which means in the end; something better will come from your miscalculation.
  4. USE THE SHAPE! With vintage clothing you already have a basic shape so work with it… if it has a waistband already in place, use it!
  5. TRY IT ON! Most vintage stores have fitting rooms so use ’em! Make sure the garment fits in the most appropriate places, i.e. bust, waist, hips. Remember, it’s only got to fit in one place because the rest you’ll modify.
  6. USE THE TRENDS for your fashion re-birth; printed patterns, timeless texture, vivid color, metallic illusions, sexy gathers, pencil skirts, menswear…The ideas are endless… and there are no mistakes!
  7. USE YOUR SCRAPS! You can use extra fabric for tablecloths, pillows, headbands, and bags and even to tie up newspapers to go in the recycle bin!
Day to Night Gown

Being in the boardroom doesn’t mean you have to be boring… so why not take an old bridesmaid dress and turn it into a bustier. Utilize top to create a bustier, which you can wear under your favorite pants suit to the office. Then after work whip off the jacket for happy hour and maybe this time you’ll meet mister right now!

Something to think about, you can use the leftover fabric from dress to make pillows, a table runner or even placemats.

Creating the bustier… because you’ll be cutting thru the back zipper of the dress you’ll need an alternate way to fasten your new look. I recommend adding a decorative zipper on top of the existing zipper for a bold look and working closure. Outside zippers are on trend and serving the purpose of fashion over function. To clean up the look, fold the raw bottom edge of the garment under, and sew, or glue in place for a nice, clean edge.

As an addition, you could create a pencil skirt from an old dress to add to your sleek office turn sexy after-hours look.

Trim Tuxedo Top

Ditch the wedding singer but be sure to snag his clothes first… This is a date night outfit guaranteed to allow access to the trombone case.

For the top, take a man’s tuxedo shirt and tapper in the sides to make a slim fit frilly woman’s blouse. On the bottom, use regular old boring black pants, and incorporating a tip from the athleisure trend, add a stripe down the sides. It’s simple when you open up the side seam, sew in a piece of fabric, or glue or hand stitch a ribbon down the side of the leg seams.

Updated Denim

We all have those jeans that have seen better days but we just can’t seem to part with them. Well you can easily update your denim by adding a piece of funky fabric or fur to the bottom… now these jeans are high style. Pair them with an on-trend pleated blouse and boyfriend jacket. Make your own jeans in an hour and walk out the door in style.

Girl’s Night Out

Have your friends over for some girl time proving that thrift is hip.

At the party, everyone brings bags of their “old give-away clothes”, dump them on the table and let the frenzy begin…guests chose garments and start rehabbing while sipping on champagne. Let the DIY designer in you soar when you; sew, cut, pin and glue a new garment of your own. Next, set up a backdrop, hire your husband as the photog and capture the night. Now with all the refashioned garments, you can host your own recycled runway show.

Get inspired, be a trendsetter and get noticed with a refashioned wardrobe.

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