Play for Life

Chris Harris Jr. Road

The Broncos’ Chris Harris Jr. Represents “The Underdog State”

Chris Harris has spent his entire football career defying expectations. Despite a successful run at the University of Kansas, he went undrafted in 2011....
Mabee Babies Sculpture

The Mabee Babies

The kids always want to talk football with Rocky Bright. They want to see the national championship ring he won as a defensive lineman...
Chris Harris Jr. Smiling

Chris Harris Jr. Offers Inspiration Free of Charge

On hot summer days across America you can find hundreds of kids learning from some of the best players in the NFL. One 95...
Krysten Muir

Still Kicking: The Lone Girl in an Extreme Culture of Boys

Krysten Muir had no problem splitting the goalposts in high school, but her place on the Marco de Niza football team is what gave...
Play for Life

Play for Life Campaign Shows How Football is More Than a Game

You've probably heard the phrase "it's more than a game" when people discuss high school football. At first glance, you might even think it's...

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