Chris Harris Jr. Smiling

On hot summer days across America you can find hundreds of kids learning from some of the best players in the NFL. One 95 degree day in Bixby, Oklahoma the Denver Broncos’ All-Pro Corner Chris Harris Jr. held a clinic at his former high school. A clinic he is proud to say is free of charge to the kids.

“A lot of these kids are at risk kids,” said Harris Jr. “They can’t afford to go to camp so we want to make it available to everybody, give everybody a chance.”

He calls the camp “The Underdog Academy” a reference to his start as an undrafted free agent who started playing football in “The Underdog State.”

The camp includes an NCAA eligibility workshop, position-specific instruction, and an NFL player panel discussion. For Harris, it’s an opportunity to provide something he wishes he had as a kid. “I didn’t have a lot of role models growing up. We didn’t have camps. We didn’t have anything like this.”

And now thanks to his success on the field he’s able to provide an immeasurable benefit to so many kids lives in the state he loves.