Play for Life

You’ve probably heard the phrase “it’s more than a game” when people discuss high school football. At first glance, you might even think it’s a cliché description of one of the most popular sports in America. But there’s a reason you hear this phrase as often as you do: it’s true.

YurView will showcase the must-see storylines this coming season. Over 55 games featuring some of the best teams, players, and matchups will be available this fall on YurView channels around the country and on

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YurView’s new Play for Life campaign to promote national high school football aims to show how football is more than a game. The series documents stories with raw emotion and honesty, showing how the players, coaches, and communities are affected by high school football.

Some examples of these stories include:

This US Serviceman is Living Proof of the Lasting Impact of High School Football

Discipline. Teamwork. Communication. Selflessness. There are a lot of crossovers between serving in the military and contributing to the success of a football team, and there are plenty of opportunities for a high school football player to learn these traits on the field. In this episode, one former high school football star tells his story of how is experiences on the field helped prepare him for a career in the military.

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Still Kicking: The Lone Girl in an Extreme Culture of Boys

Will there be a female NFL star one day? One kicker seems to think so, even if (in her words) those guys out there are huge.

On the gridiron, she’s focused, determined, and constantly putting the pigskin through the arches. Off the field? She’s homecoming queen. If you were to ask her which surprised her more, it would probably be the homecoming queen (‘I was up against two cheerleaders!’). But what does that say about this kicker sensation? That gender doesn’t matter when you’re on the field – if you’ve got the skills to play, you can compete with anyone.

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The Mabee Babies

When does a love for the game start? When does football become ‘more than a game’ for the first time in someone’s life? It may vary from person to person, but for the ‘Mabee Babies’, kids who visit the Mabee Community Center, football is an escape from an otherwise rough environment around them. The game keeps them active and teaches them about sportsmanship. Most importantly, it gives them something positive to enjoy when they may not have much else.

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Chris Harris Jr. Represents “The Underdog State” 

Chris Harris Jr. has played his way into the NFL and has become a household name for the Denver Broncos, but if you look at where his legacy is rooted, the origins start on the gridiron of his high school football field. Harris tells the story of playing high school ball and how it’s built his legacy into what it is today.

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