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Remembering Maggie Dixon and the Black Knights’ Big Dance

Through almost 40 years of March Memories in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament, the 2006 Army Black Knights remain the only service academy team ever to make the Big Dance, led by the late, great coach Maggie Dixon.

In her first and only season as the Army coach, Maggie’s enthusiasm, strategy and spirit for the game led a miraculous turnaround for the team as they won the Patriot League conference tournament to earn a ticket to the Big Dance, capturing the attention of the nation.

Only three weeks after the miracle season ended, Maggie’s life was sadly cut short at age 29 when she died suddenly from a heart valve failure. Although she’s gone, Maggie’s light still shines brightly across the sport with tournaments, scholarships and awards that bear her name. Maggie Dixon’s memory will always live on.