On this episode of We are Living Healthy, Alexis talks to Luvenia Hankis of CLTRE VGN JNT about a vision that she has had since she was 18 years old: an all vegan Café in Virginia Beach with wellness community events and more.

What is CLTRE VGN JNT? Culture is a hip, third-wave cafe with a plant-based twist!

When and how did CLTRE begin? In 2018, founder Luvenia “Luv” decided to birth a vision she had from when she was just 18 years old. This vision was to open what she called a ‘neo-soul’ cafe.

What is your most popular food on your menu? Sweet waffles, our popular waffle made with spelt flour and love—comes with maple syrup.

Luvenia shares with Alexis her initial vision, a space where poets would express their wildest and most unique prose with a live artist creating a masterpiece in the background. Patrons could enjoy a chill atmosphere with good food, conversation and lively entertainment. This wasn’t a club or night lounge, it was a vibe. This would come to culminate an organic culture that, when spoken about, gives folks a warm welcome without ever having experienced it for themselves.

Connect with CLTRE VGN JNT:

Visit their website: cltrevgn.com
Follow them on Instagram:  @cltrevgn

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