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Journey Inside the Numbers with Basketball Statistical Analyst Dean Oliver

Dean Oliver is considered by many to be the Godfather of Advanced Basketball Analytics. The author of the groundbreaking book “Basketball on Paper“, Oliver was the first statistical analyst in the NBA. He has worked in the front office for the Sacramento Kings, Denver Nuggets and Seattle Supersonics. Journey ‘inside the numbers’ on this special edition of The Upside.

3:00 Dean Smith 

4:40 Applying math to sports

6:50 Moneyball

9:30 Basketball vs. Baseball analytics

11:25 College analytics

16:43 Balancing strategies

19:56 Strategies of fouling

23:12 Trends of stats

26:18 Impact of the Deep 3

30:00 Statistical analysis’ impact on the game

32:01 The Mid-Range J

36:09 Four factors of improvement in basketball

39:50 Models for projecting players

42:55 Evaluating the evaluators

45:00 Basketball on Paper: The Sequel.