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Whiskey for the People and More!

What’s up everyone! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. I
hosted Thanksgiving at my house this year, which was amazing and yummy. Just look at that beautiful turkey, mashed potatoes and my favorite, the stuffing!

( Kudos to my boyfriend for cooking the turkey and mom for making the sides! )

Thanksgiving is just the beginning of the holiday chaos and madness. Of course, it’s still
all about the love, friendship, and family; but boy can it get crazy at the grocery stores and malls. So with that in mind, we’re checking out spots where we can get away from the craziness and have a merry time either by ourselves, with friends, or with family. Let’s begin…

On episode 3 we step into a stylish whiskey lounge, Seven Grand in San Diego, where
they offer more than just a glass of whiskey. This place is awesome all around, meaning the staff is friendly and welcoming, the ambiance is fun, and the drinks are delicious. Seven Grand has a nice list of classic handcrafted cocktails. My favorite as you may have seen on this episode is the Mint Julep!

At the end of this article I have a nice surprise for those wanting to impress during the holidays.  Seven Grand is also home to the Whiskey Society, where you too can learn all about this infamous spirit.

(keep an eye out for a special cameo appearance)  

If you’ve dealt with the long lines at the stores and feel wiped out, you’ve probably felt hangry too. Barrio Dogg is your solution. They just opened up a taproom featuring their house beer Pin Stripe Pale Ale, a collaboration with Second Chance Beer Co (see segment below) AND have a long list of specialty hot dogs. That’s a win win for me, beer and a dog, yum! Now this is a joint I can’t visit just once. The variety of hot dogs will keep me coming back until I find my favorite.

So one of my favorite parts of checking out all the breweries, wineries, and bars you’ve
seen on Life Untapped, is that they all have a one of a kind special drink and story. Second Chance Beer not only has a great list of beers such as Seize the IPA , but a wonderful story that has the best interest for the world. They’ve re-purposed their decor and are on a mission to give the people and animals a second chance.

Another place with a similar mission is Misadventure Vodka. Whoever thought we could make vodka from Twinkies? (Not me hahaha) This place is giving life to all of the excess food grocery stores throw away. These spots are really kicking butt in making this world a nicer place, thanks guys!

Let’s take a break from the beer talk and tap into the creative side of this episode. If
you’re looking for unique gifts for the holidays, make sure you really pay attention to the Lost Abbey and the D.Y.I. skateboard workshop. I have to tip my hat (really my beanie) to artist Sean Dominguez, his artwork is angelic, beautiful and unique to its own piece. Each beer bottle he designs for the Lost Abbey has a fascinating story and that makes drinking the beer a little extra special.

So if you’re ready to tap into your creative side, check out DIY Skateboards with instructor Beau Trifiro from Open Source Skateboards.

Alright, so for a little holiday gift from me to you, here’s a classic drink you can use to
impress your friends and family at a holiday party. With the help of the sweetest and coolest Spirit Guide in San Diego, Josh Judd from Seven Grand guides us through the most popular Old Fashioned cocktail recipe:


● 3-4 dashes of Angostura Bitters (alternative: R&D Bitters Aromatic #7)
● 1 Demerara sugar cube
● 2 ounces of Makers Mark
● 1 Orange peel and 1 Lemon peel
● Ice cubes
First grab your favorite rocks glass and add a sugar cube then dash with bitters. Crush
and muddle into a paste and add your whiskey! After that add ice cubes and give it a good stir
(Josh recommends about 15 seconds). Last but not least, garnish with orange and lemon peel and sip sip away. Best enjoyed with friends!
* For a video tutorial check out https://youtu.be/fGn7qBQobig

If you’re interested in learning more about the whiskey that went into making this drink, sign up for the Whiskey Society in Bar Three Piece located inside Seven Grand.
And as they like to say, “It’s whiskey for the people,” cheers everyone and happy holidays, with
love Ivany Villalobos.