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Jefferson Center Providing Foundation for Performing Arts

jefferson center campaign

Upgrading a historic building that provides so much to a community is a no brainer. “The foundation itself does 3 things for the community” states Cyrus Pace, Executive Director of Jefferson Center. “It does our programming, of course our concerts… secondly we have a great education program… we believe we can reach kids through music education and through the arts and make sure they’re building great character as they’re also building musicianship… then of course we’re also a space for non profit tenants… and rent our space to community partners.”

3 venues in one space offers flexibility, diverse and accessible programming. Education Coordinator Jordan Harman adds “one of the really amazing things we do is have the artists come through… and they will do work with the students… they can have life altering experience in getting to see these stars and how they’re just normal people and if they keep working they can aspire to those things.”

The state of the art recording studio helps them “learn techniques most kids don’t get to see until they are in college or further beyond.” Jordan goes on “we also have a lot of opportunities for them to work together and learn how to use life skills to communicate with each other.” This segment of Spotlight On provides details of the Jefferson Center Campaign.