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Hottest Wedding Trends for 2020

I Do Re-Do Event

Every bride dreams of having the perfect wedding day and, of course, pictures of that day to treasure forever.  But, life doesn’t always work out that way.  And, after hearing stories of not-so-perfect wedding days, some generous California wedding vendors recently hosted an event at The Thursday Club, where eight couples renewed their vows, and finally made their dream wedding day come true.

 Wedding trends for 2020

Planning a wedding exciting – and, it’s also a lot of work – with so many choices and so many details to decide on.  While your wedding should reflect your own style and values, it’s always nice to get some inspiration from what other couples are doing.  We sat down with wedding planner, Courtney Tibbets, to get a sneak peek at the trends we’ll see showing up at weddings through the coming year.

Trash the Dress – Andy King Photography

For most women, their wedding gown is the most beautiful – and expensive – dress they will ever buy.  But, they only get to wear it once.   There’s a new trend emerging that lets brides put that dress back on – to get some unique and creative photos – after the wedding formalities are over.  It’s the perfect re-use of a one-time-use dress!

Ask the Expert – Dana McNeil

One trend that is always in style is having a strong and happy relationship with your spouse.  Our I Do Resident Relationship Expert, Dana McNeil, has some tips for learning how to talk about spending time together – and spending time apart – to keep your marriage blissful after the wedding is over.

DJ Matt Phipps – Trends of years gone by

If you’ve looked at any wedding website or bridal magazine lately, you know there’s a lot of focus put on the latest trends in all-things-wedding.  And, this is not a new phenomenon – or something brought on by Millennials.  As we’ve focused on current trends in today’s show, we wanted to take a look back with DJ Matt Phipps, at some of the trends whose time has come – and gone