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The Unexpected Effects on Relationships, Real Estate & More from COVID-19

Real Estate challenges and opportunities during the coronavirus crisis

Van Deeb of Big Omaha Realty joins Main St. Living to discuss the challenges and opportunities for real estate professionals, investors and buyers. Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, he shares his views on why now is an interesting time yet potentially a great time to buy real estate.

Relationship Expert With Tips for Coping in Quarantine 

Dana McNeil, licensed marriage and family therapist, provides great tips on how to keep your relationship going strong while you and your partner are around each other 24/7 during quarantine.

The Camera That Puts Your World in a 360 Degree View 

Now there is a phone where you can share your world, in 360°, with a camera for your phone! Check out this revolutionary way to connect to the world while stuck in your own 4 walls.

The Impact of COVID-19 on College Basketball Recruiting 

ESPN recruiting analyst Adam Finkelstein joins Main St. Living to discuss the current state of college recruiting, especially in basketball, and what the impact of the coronavirus means for prospective collegiate student athletes.

A Moving Farewell for a Cox Tech 

When Cox UHT Christopher Martin passed away, his family and friends were not able to attend a funeral and mourn in the traditional sense. Instead, Cox trucks and employees lined up the street and offered a farewell like no other!

Women Who WOW With a Work From Home Strategy

Michelle Pippin of Women Who WOW drops by to talk about her organization, and offers some tips for working from home! If you find yourself struggling with your new home office, check out this segment for a few pointers that could help!