Hello my fellow readers, I hope you’re having a lovely day today, and if not, I
hope it gets better. I am in a great mood. I love to sing, la-di-la-di-lah! Excuse my
singing, but when i’m in a good mood, I have to, keeps my spirits high. Alright, so
today’s main entree is on what goes on in a day of Life Untapped for me. Let’s begin
two days before filming.
2 Days before filming: This is usually the time I find myself scrambling to find
something to wear for the show. I try not to procrastinate on this, because you know
looks are everything, but sometimes, life gets in the way and I find myself scrambling
like a crazy girl. I would still like to say though, is that I take pride in the outfits I choose.
I look for outfits that fit accordingly to the venue. For instance, when we filmed Life
Untapped episode 5, the crew and I were at this cute chic venue called Vin de Syrah, so
I wore this long yellow romper.

At Vin de Syrah rocking that yellow romper, cute, right?

For this recent episode, we filmed at Modern Times Farwest Lounge in Encinitas,
California. So, I choose an outfit with a beach-boho-chic-vibe. I picked out my favorite
jeans and got a cute blouse to top it off with, oh and of course, I wore adorable medium
high heels. (You can’t go too high with the heels because you’re standing all day and it
can be tiring.)

I have so many fans!

8pm The night before filming day: At this time of day, 8 p.m., it’s been a long one.
Earlier in the day I had to go to the grocery store to buy food for dinner. I made dinner. I
ate my dinner. Hey, all this is hard work man, am I right? Anyway, by the time 8 oclock
hits I’m ready to fall asleep, but before I do, I want to make sure I’m prepared and ready
to go for tomorrow. Here’s how I prep, I make sure all my clothes are laid out and
steamed, I layout any make-up or hair products I need, and then I finish by going over
my notes on the interview i’ll be conducting the next day.

Ehe…Excuse my handwriting.


6 a.m. Day of filming: I am the snooze queen! This is what I like to tell my friends and
anyone who’s ever lived with me. My alarm was set at 6 a.m. and I officially woke up at
6:30, a bad habit, but definitely enjoyed the extra shuteye. My lovely make-up artist,
Stephanie Muñoz gets right to it. About 1 hour later hair and make-up is done. Now that
I have shorter hair than before, hair is done much faster. By this time, it’s about 7:30 in
the morning and I need coffee and food. I can’t be hangry during production and I need
to be fully awake.
8:30 a.m. Call time to venue: I arrive at Farwest Lounge, and Michael, our handy
dandy cameraman is setting up his gear as he talks to our main guy, Phil MacNitt,
Director of Sales and Marketing at Modern Times. Sandra, our producer is by the bar
looking at the rundown of the show and checking out the venue. Meanwhile, I’m also
checking out the place and it is beautiful, modern, and has a nice retro vibe going on.

Phil give us the inside scoop, and tells us these were all made by the staff, pretty neat!

9 a.m. Showtime!: Before showtime I always like to pre-talk to the man of the house, or
the person I’m interviewing, to get to know them a little more. I feel that this helps break
the ice and puts us all in a relaxed mood. Talking to Phil before the interview was cool,
as I was getting to know him I found out his nickname, tune into Episode 6 to find out
what it was. Now, check, check 1…2…3 , audio is good, camera is set, and we’re ready
to roll.

9:30 a.m. Story intros after story intros : At this point of the day, we’ve recorded our
interview with Phil, and I’ve introduced several stories such as, Geisha Coffee Beans
with Jason Mraz, cutieee,

and Anchor Bend Glassworks

10 a.m. More stories: Just so you know, we don’t take breaks till we finish filming and I
like it that way. When it comes to work, I don’t like messing around, I mean business. I
mean here and there I’ll take my bathroom breaks, sip some water, and take another
bathroom break, but when the camera is rolling, I’m in beast mode! Okay…maybe too
intense, but you get my drift. It’s been about 3.5 hours since I woke up so I’m good to
keep going, so what do we do next? We introduce the last of our segments with
Boochraft and Seven Caves Distillery. By the way, have you tasted Boochcraft yet? It’s
a hard kombucha drink that is my go to when I want to sip on a nice cold one on a nice
sunny day. The flavors are refreshing and they have a nice tarty touch to them. You
gotta try one next time you see them.

Or also, option two, if you want to mix it up, Seven Caves distills my personal favorite, gin! Their gin bottle is so cute, I’m all about the looks
of bottles, and this one has a nice clean but artsy look to it. I enjoy my sunny days with
gin on ice and some tonic water, the best combo ever.

10:30 a.m. That’s a wrap up, oh yeah & beer: As you can tell in most of the episodes
I’m always holding either a beer or wine. I don’t drink it all during production, I don’t
want to be drunk during the show. When filming is over though, and Sandra and
Michael say, “It’s a wrap!,” there’s nothing more enjoyable than finishing that drink.
Perks of the job.

Look at all these delicious beers, that tall one is their Passion Fruit Guava.

And the feel good story of the episode…. Comicare  These are some real life superheroes!

Well that’s about it my friends, that’s what it’s like to film an episode of Life Untapped. I
prepare a few days before, I get my full 8 hours of beauty sleep, I eat a complete
breakfast, and do my thang when that camera starts rolling. If you have any other
questions on the show, feel free to leave a comment. Cheers my friends!