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There was a fierceness to Pena that was evident throughout spring practice and summer training camp.
"I asked a couple of Atlantic 10 coaches to weigh in anonymously on Miller’s first non-conference schedule at Rhode Island."
Expectations. , There was no sense in running and hiding from the University of Rhode Island football program during the dog days of summer. They were as plain as the nose on your face.
I feel like our journey is going to be different. That’s one thing I can say about our group as a whole; it’s a different vibe. It’s a lot of good
Coach Miller doesn’t care who you are or what you are to him, he’s going to hold you accountable – It’s one of the reasons I wanted to come here.
Archie Miller and staff are assembling puzzle pieces matched to the hard, smart, fast, together mantra, balancing program needs against returnee skills.
I was contacted by coaches Kenny Johnson and Archie Miller. Their vision for me, along with the successes they had in the past, made me think this is somewhere I want to be.
"Coach Miller told me he was going to trust me. He emphasized how much he wanted me and needed me -- and that was big for me."
New University of Rhode Island men's basketball coach Archie Miller was introduced by the school in a press conference on Monday. Soon afterward he sat down with Stone Freeman for this wide ranging one-on-one conversation.
In reflecting on the single-minded response he wants his program to elicit in the minds of those who hear/see/read about Rhode Island basketball, he remarked that his program will be “free-flowing and unselfish, connected, and tough-minded.