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Westside Offense on Display Against Mustangs

Millard North made it a game against Class A powerhouse Omaha Westside on Friday, but they fell to the powerful Westside offense, 44-14.

Dominic Rezac had himself a night. He scored 4 total TDs in the game, overshadowing even his own top-recruited teammates.

The Warriors scored first with a 62-yard rushing effort by QB Cole Payton. It was Payton to the Gophers commit Dickerson for their next score, making it 14-0 with the PAT.

The triangle of Payton, Rezac and Dickerson made things difficult for the Mustangs all night long.

With 9 minutes left in the second, Mustang QB Jimmy Quaintance threw a 12-yard pass for Millard North’s first score, but Rezac and the Warriors quickly responded with an 11-yard rushing TD to bring the score to 27-7 at the half.

The Mustangs would find the end zone one more time on a 2-yard rush in the third quarter.

Westside moves to 6-0 as the Mustangs fall to 1-4.

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