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Queen Creek Knocks Off Undefeated Highland 24-14

Queen Creek snaps a two-game losing streak and knocks off previously unbeaten Highland 24-14 in Friday night’s match-up.

Coming off of back-to-back losses, the Bulldogs were eager for a win on the road. But the Highland defense wasn’t having any of it. They held the Bulldogs scoreless until a 10-yard rushing touchdown by Utah commit Trey Reynolds opened things up for the Queen Creek offense.

The Hawks defense did not make it easy for the Bulldogs. Highland safety Ammon Allen in particular seemed determined to make the opposing offense work for every inch.

After the half, Highland got their motor running on offense with a 10-yard rushing touchdown by Max Davis. Davis would make the Hawks’ only other score of the game with only 23 seconds remaining.

Needless to say, the Queen Creek effort on defense was key to their victory. Big plays by Porter Reynolds and Kansas State commit Krew Jackson stood out.

Junior QB Devin Brown got it done for the Queen Creek offense, showing off those USC commit chops.

The Bulldogs earn a hard-fought victory over Highland with a final score of 24-14.

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