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Chandler Gets a Tough Win Over Highland

The Highland Hawks made it a game against #5 nationally ranked Chandler Wolves on Friday night.

Chandler knew they were going to have to bring the heat after their last outing with Highland ended with a 1-point win for the Wolves.

QB Mikey Keene started the game off in the air, scoring two TDs with throws to Jalen Richmond and Eli Sanders. Both Richmond and Sanders are committed to Boise State, and after their performance in this game the Broncos are likely celebrating these two gets.

Highland’s Max Davis was having none of it, punching one in from 5 yards out to cut Chandler’s lead in half and demonstrate why he’s tied for #1 in the state for rushing touchdowns.

Gage Dayley and the Hawks capitalized on that momentum to score once more in the second quarter. Of equal importance, points out Zach Alvira, they kept the ball out of the hands of Keene and Co.

Chandler continued to make incremental progress, turning a 3-point lead in the third into a 17-point victory by game’s end.

The Wolves rise to 6-0 on the night in a tough win against Highland, and will go on to face Hamilton next week in front of a national audience on ESPN.

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