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Quincy Learns About Hormone Replacement For Men

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Having heard about what low hormone levels can do to men, Quincy decided to get his testosterone checked.  A quick trip to GBR Plastic Surgery helps him answer his questions.

Fatigue, low energy, low libido and erectile disfunction are some symptoms that can be attributed to low testosterone.  A man with low testosterone, will likely not feel like “himself” and may notice some subtle differences that can be  affecting his life.  This is a good time to get checked.

New call-to-actionTestosterone is considered low when the total levels are under 300ng/dl.  If you get a low testosterone diagnosis, there are a few treatment options including pellet therapy.

Pellets implanted under the skin -usually in the hip area- slowly release testosterone into you system which then raises testosterone to the healthy levels.

So, gentlemen, if you’re feeling a little off lately, get your testosterone levels checked.  A quick visit to GBR Plastic Surgery may be all you need to get back to really enjoying life!

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