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Locally Louisiana Gets the Ins and Outs of Annual Enrollment with Ochsner Health Plan

Sponsored By: Ochsner Health Plan

As we all know, health insurance is invaluable.  Medical expenses can be astronomical and without insurance, most of us would struggle to be able to afford health care.  But what is the best heath care program to choose? There are so many options, and those options multiply when you look at the various plans offered. 

It’s challenging enough trying to figure this out on your own, but even more so if you are a senior with limited knowledge of how to navigate the system.  And the limited time for annual enrollment can also add a lot of stress.

Luckily there is help.  Jeff Fernandez visits with Karen and Patrick to help them understand what exactly annual enrollment means.  He also gives some tools to use such as medicare.gov, and how explains how Ochsner Health Plan can help.

If you are you looking to choose a new plan or make some changes to your existing health care plan, make sure to check out Ochsner Health Plan!

For more information, visit their website Ochsnerhealthplan.com.

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