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From Welding to Carpentry you can get certified at VPCC

Sponsored By: Virginia Peninsula Community Center

Bobby Perkin Jr, the diretor of Marketing and Skilled Trades from  Virginia Peninsula Community College joins Patrick in the studio to discuss their new Trades Center and the programs available there.

Located in Toano VA, right outside of Williamsburg, this Trades Center was created to fulfill the need for people skilled in various trades in high demand in the area.  The trade programs available include welding, CNC machining carpentry and masonry.

With the welding program in full bloom, students can learn SMAW (stick welding), FCAW (flux-core welding), GMAW (MIG welding), GTAW (TIG welding)

Students receive an AWS certification at the end of each program.  If they complete all 4 types of welding programs, they will leave with VPCC 4 AWS certifications that will tremendously increase their marketability in the work force.

Did you know you can get creative with welding?  Bobby brought a piece of artwork to the studio that was created by one of the welding students at VPCC.

If molten metals are not your thing, remember they also offer programs in carpentry cnc machining and masonry.  With so much new construction going on, there is definitely a need in this area.

New call-to-actionNot sure if you can afford going back to school?  VPCC offers funding to help ease the cost of tuition, and with their short term credentialing programs, you can be out of the classroom and out in the work force in no time.

The foundation and skills you will get from VPCC will help you launch your new career, increase your earning potential, or maybe even become your own boss!

Make sure to visit their website at: https://www.vpcc.edu/

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