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From building cars to breaking them down…

Episode 102 : Sponsored

Welcome back to another episode of…

There is a hobby for every type of car enthusiast. In this month’s episode, we cover the process of building and customizing cars then wrecking and destroying the junkers. Let’s check out the line up of what Kailynn and Jacob have to show us.

First up is John, who is in the process of restoring his classic SS ’66 Chevelle. This beauty has been a work in progress over the years for John and his sons. Though the Chevelle is not yet finished, it has proven to be a true labor of love. John enjoys working on his car as much as he enjoys cruising in it. Can you relate to his passion and dedication?

Jacob then takes us to Tysinger Audi of Hampton. Here, we meet Master Technician Allen who shows us some of the new tech used to make certain services more efficient. Demonstrating the drive train table, Allen explains how it’s used to expedite the process of replacing a motor and transmission. This piece of equipment costs around $10,000, but is totally worth the price when compared to the hours saved in getting the job done faster!

Next we meet Robert of Always Used Auto Parts, located in Chesapeake. Here you can find great deals on used factory parts on their 12 acre lot with over 1,200-1,500 cars on site. With the option of pulling the part yourself, or having the staff pull it for you, it is pretty easy to get what you need for older model vehicles.

Finally, we bring the chaos with the 14th annual Day of Destruction at Langley Speedway. This event has multiple races that you and your clunker compete in, such as the Burn Out Competition, the Bag Race and even the Compact and Full Size Demolitions! Unlike most races you may see, these races are created with the intent of creating madness.

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