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Destination Virginia Goes to the Horse Races at Colonial Downs

Sponsored By: Colonial Downs

And they’re off! On this episode of Destination Virginia, Karen and Barry head to the track at Colonial Downs in New Kent, Virginia to experience the excitement of live horse racing.
After getting a great overall view of a day at the races, from the VP of racing operations, Karen gets the chance to learn the more technical side of racing with a racing analyst.
Who knew there was a professional on site, who could actually help you make an educated bet? She’s one person you definitely want to talk to before putting your money down!
Barry then heads over to chat with the track announcer. While it is very exciting, this job takes more preparation than you might think. And surprisingly enough, coloring is on his list of preparations.
But what about the horses? How do they prepare? Barry gets to know the “Winning-est Trainer” in Colonial Downs history, who explains to him how the horses are cared for and trained to race.
Finally, Karen gets to speak to one of the stars of the show – a jockey. What does it feel like to control such an amazing animal at very high speeds? Is being a jockey a dangerous profession? You’ll find the answers right here.
If you’ve never been to a horse race, watch this episode of Destination Virginia to learn just how exciting a day at Colonial Downs is. Then, grab your family a head to the races!
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