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Adapting Your Forever Home For Unique Pets

On Operation ReOrganization, Episode 412 – When Boyd and Wanda Renner moved into their starter house, they had no idea it would be their home for 25 years. But when a property in Wanda’s favorite neighborhood became available, they knew it was the right time to move.

In their “forever home” with their beloved tutu wearing, bearded dragon named Greta, they realized that some of the spaces would require a few modifications. Consummate do-it-yourselfers and always careful with every penny, they thought Closet Factory would be out of their reach. That is until designer Denise shows them how to create a perfect laundry room and convert an upstairs bedroom into an office for two…and sometimes three depending on Greta The Prickly Princess’ schedule. This great story and Pro-Tips with the Closet Factory Installers on this episode of Operation Reorganization.

OPERATION REORGANIZATION GIVES YOU A PEEK BEHIND THE CURTAIN AT ONE OF THE MOST “ORGANIZED” COMPANIES IN THE COUNTRY. For more information on this and many other design concepts, please feel free to reach out to your local Closet Factory franchise! Find yours here! www.closetfactory.com