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Safe & Snazzy Chevy Blazer at Sands Chevrolet Might Be Your Soul Mate

By Melanie Pellowski

Every young adult comes to a point in life when they are searching for their perfect match. The one and only – a partner that makes life exciting while providing a sense of safety and security, fueling confidence in every turn. Today, this love isn’t hard to find. Surprise! It’s at Sands Chevrolet and it’s a Chevy crossover.

The Chevy Equinox, Traverse, Trax and Blazer are each unique in their own way, and the Blazer is just, well, eye candy with a heart of gold. The kind of sports car-SUV combo you can’t wait to bring home to mom.

“The Blazer is by far superior when it comes to styling, the body lines. It has an aggressive sexy look for a Crossover, not the mild and boring look of most,” said Josh Leader, Internet Sales Director for Sands Chevrolet. “It gives the look of a race car.”

Chevy Blazer at Sands Chevrolet

Whether you’re a bachelor looking for a ride with enough horsepower to keep you young (max 305 hp), or if you see yourself taking strides towards building a family in the near future, the Chevy Blazer is an ideal compromise. Only, there really isn’t much compromise necessary – this crossover gem checks a lot of desirable boxes. The tech-savvy ride comes with a built-in LTE Wi-Fi hotspot connection, with Apple CarPlay and Android Audio compatibility and a standard 8-inch diagonal touchscreen.

“The concierge is great for young professionals to stay connected while in the vehicle,” Leader said. “The second row is larger and wider for its segment, so having a new family, the car seats will fit just fine.”

There’s space, comfort, storage, technology, AWD capability, wallet friendly fuel efficiency, adaptive cruise control, plus all of the safety features that make driving in any condition a synch.


“Blind spot alert keeps you from merging into other traffic,” Leader explained. “Specific to the Blazer is Pedestrian Alert, which works in conjunction with collision alert and applies brakes in the event of a pedestrian walking in front of you.”

There’s no need for a midlife crisis when this small SUV gives you the feel of a sports car with an interior that packs everything (with 64.2 cu. ft. maximum cargo space). It’s flexible cargo space gives parents and young professionals enough room for Saturday errands, and the exterior makes running those errands exciting.

Here’s a look at the new Chevy Blazer at Sands Chevrolet.

“The interior and front end have the characteristics of our all new Camaro,” Leader said. “It gives you the feel of a sports car when sitting in the cockpit of the Blazer and the ride is much that of a sports car.”

As Sands Chevrolet describes on their website, the storage space is a versatile fit that will suit anybody’s style, whether you are a “shopper, DIY-er, weekend warrior, traveler or commuter.” You can take comfort knowing that your groceries, gardening tools and sports equipment are in safe transport.

“The size/style/performance is the best of all the sport utility worlds and is the first ‘crossover’ that allows you to tow up to 4500 pounds with the right package where most crossovers only do 1500,” Leader said.

Soccer moms can cruise along safely while looking sporty in the Chevy Blazer and the 9-speed automatic transition provides for smooth shifting. They can choose their driver mode, too, between tour, all-wheel drive, sport mode, off-road or tow/haul. The crossover’s AWD capability provides great traction when needed and offers more control and confidence in less than ideal weather conditions. Not to mention, it will feel good to fill up the tank when a long trip doesn’t break the bank!

Whereas the car business overall has declined about 20 percent in the past couple of years, the market for small SUV’s has grown immensely. The crossover is a hot commodity and Chevy is eager to play matchmaker. Any drivers in search of a soul mate now know where to start looking!

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