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Safe, Practical Ways to ‘Re-enter’ Society During Covid-19

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While there’s no playbook for living through a pandemic, there remains many ways to take precautions to minimize risk, while still having a life going forward. As we all know, states continue to lift restrictions, so how can we each play our part to keep ourselves, and one another, safe?

On this latest episode of “Your Health”, we turn to Executive Director for the Arizona Public Health Association, Will Humble, who gives us some great advice on the best ways of moving forward while safely ‘re-entering’ society.

Also worth noting, earlier this month the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new guidelines for people to safe this summer, including recommendations to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 at community events and gatherings. Experts agree that as businesses and public places continue to reopen, being mindful of places where the risk of contracting coronavirus is still low, is important to think about.

So, what about meeting friends for a bite at an outdoor restaurant? Or taking a trip to the beach with the kids? Activities that once didn’t accompany a second thought, now require us to evaluate the risk and safety factors.

Here’s some good news: research and interviews among experts show an increasing consensus that if Americans are going to venture out and leave their homes, it’s still safer to be outdoors with fresh air, staying at least six feet apart.

Credit: NY Times

Getting Back to Business  From a company that helps women with hair loss issues, to a look at what hospitals are doing to welcome back patients, in this episode of “Your Health” we’re excited to introduce you to people and businesses who are doing all the right things to help others feel safe and secure during this time, and beyond.

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