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School’s Out for Summer – How to keep your child engaged

By Kaye Robinson

School is out and summer is in!

On that last day of school my friends and I would walk home and make our plans for the summer. Growing up in Phoenix, 60 years ago, in the shadow of South Mountain had its perks. At the top of our list were the seemingly endless days of play and adventure exploring what the mountains had to offer and roaming desert washes in search of the best place to build our fort. Packing a lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, an apple and a thermos of Kool-Aid, signaled the beginning of a full day of discovery and fun. Sure, there were the interruptions for family trips, vacation Bible school, and for some, church camp. But our real summer camp took place, so to speak, in our own backyards. Those summer days of amusement and friendship shaped our lives.

The search for things to keep kids active and entertained hasn’t changed. The good news is growing up in Phoenix today offers an abundance of things for kids to do. Finding a good city recreation program or camp experience is just a computer search away. Getting the recommendation of a teacher, friend or family member is important too.

Summer is a good time to have kids try something new. What is something they have wanted to do but weren’t sure they would be good at? What talent or abilities do they have that could be enriched? Or better yet, what would just be fun?

Arizona kids and parents have a variety of camps to choose from. Looking online I’ve found day camps and programs for those interested in working with animals, the environment, exploring leadership and government, and faith-based camps. Summer camps are also a good time to become immersed in STEM programs or to experience the arts; visual or performing. I know a couple of little guys who would have a hard time choosing between sports and cooking. Yes, there are day camps for cooking.

Now is the time to make plans for those endless days of adventure and fun.

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