Kaye Robinson

how to stop bullying

Helpful Tips on How to Tackle Bullying

Some of my first memories were of my mother reading to me. As a young child coaxing me to take a nap could be...
back to school

How to Be Sure Your Child is Ready for Back to School

By Kaye Robinson "Spring has sprung. Fall has fell. Summer is here and it's hotter than usual." When my friends and I started reciting that little...
summer programs

School’s Out for Summer – How to keep your child engaged

By Kaye Robinson School is out and summer is in! On that last day of school my friends and I would walk home and make our...
Volunteer Opportunities

Inspirations: Spotlighting Volunteer Opportunities in Your Community

The day started out as a typical day. I was running errands and decided I needed some caffeine to keep me motivated, so I...

The Excitement and Fascination of STEM in Our Everyday Lives

STEM is something we should all be excited about! Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are not the scary or overwhelming disciplines only studied in...