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Fun With Big Bird

Sponsored by Hanro Studios, San Diego Magazine, & Big Dog's Brewing Company

The Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch is a classic American roadside attraction located between Phoenix and Tucson.

Su Vida Hosts J.R. & Vanessa with the Ostriches
Feathered Friends

It’s also the latest location for the Su Vida show taping where Vanessa and J.R. share the screen with an array of charming costars including ostriches and parrots.

Hanro Studios 

Hank Robinson is a unique artist with a very unusual canvas. He’s the owner and artist at Hanro Studios who discovered a passion in multi-material engraving. His mission is to provide people with one of a kind engravings for any aspect of their life.

Fastest Cyclist on Earth

Denise Mueller-Korenek, is the woman who holds the world record for paced bicycle land speed and is considered the fastest cyclist on earth.

Big Dog’s Brewing Company

At Big Dog’s Brewing Company in Las Vegas you can find great beer, good food and a history of being one of the first brewers in the Silver State.

Vanessa is so meta.

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