Chef Nick Rabar – 00:12 – Welcome to Keep on Cookin  and anyone that knows me knows that running is a huge part of my life. I’ve run my fair share of marathons, half-marathons, 5K’s and have even hosted my own. If there’s one thing I know the importance of its proper fuel to help get you to the finish line.

So today we’re making one of my all time favorite pre race dishes and that is a loaded southwest chicken and rice bowl.

NR -00:39 Southwest chicken and rice bowls are the perfect pre-race fuel because it is low in fat has tons of vitamins and nutrients, lots of carbohydrates and lean protein. Now let’s get started. Alright, let’s go in with some Spanish olive oil. Now we’re gonna go on with some lean chicken, high high heat to try to sear that chicken as best we can.

Alright, let’s season this chicken up I have a little signature dry spice here. It’s some chili powder, paprika, cayenne, garlic, a little bit of cumin, some lime zest, and a pinch of kosher salt. And then in addition, we’re gonna go with some fresh chopped garlic. Start to mix that up. Well, this smells incredible already, I’m gonna start to go over with some of the ingredients. to braise this chicken, we’re gonna start off with a little bit of crushed tomato. Now we’re gonna go in with some crushed chipotle peppers. And that’s going to add a nice smokiness to this dish. Next, we’ll go on with a little bit of brown sugar for some sweetness. And to finish that off a little bit of chicken broth. That will go on with a little bit of lime, which is fabulous for flavor. And no southwest dish is complete without it.  Now one of my all-time favorite ingredients, the sweet potato, let’s go in with almost as much sweet potato as chicken. Next, we’re going in with black beans, which are an excellent source of plant-based protein as well as fiber. Now we’re going to mix all this up. And look at how great that looks. That’s going from 15 minutes.

NR 2:13 Let’s make some pico de gallo.  Oh, I love the simplicity of pico de gallo,  Oh, you got to start off with some fresh chopped tomatoes. We’re going with a little raw red onion next about two parts tomato to one part onion, the same amount of jalapeno pepper. And don’t be afraid of a little spice. We’re cooking southwest. Now for some fresh cilantro. And I love cilantro, I can’t get enough of it. And when you’re cooking southwest, it’s a must-have now some fresh lime. Okay, you have to have fresh lime in this pico de gallo, and then some kosher salt, just to bring out all of those fabulous flavors, and we’re gonna give this a toss. And that is looking incredible.

NR – 2:54 Alright, of course, we got to start with the brown rice, which is an essential ingredient in any runner’s repertoire. Now let’s go back to the star of the show, which is this braised Adobo chicken has the sweet potato, the black beans. And that just looks incredible. Now, something we really haven’t touched on today. But a critical ingredient is an avocado. We’re going to jam every bit of these nutrients into this back to our pico de gallo which has all of that citrus, all of that cilantro. We’re going to load this up, just keep loading, but go on with some fresh corn because that fits in beautifully into the mix here. And now we really haven’t had any dairy in this I’m gonna go on with a touch of Greek yogurt, that’s going to be our substitute instead of sour cream. And that’s it everybody invited to this party is already there. But we’ve got a few last-minute crashers just some garnish with a little bit of lime and fresh cilantro. And that my friends is a stunning loaded southwest chicken and rice bowl. Thanks for a fun time as always everyone and until we meet again. Keep on Cookin’.

Wine Pairing by Wines & More

Jeremey Christie – Wines & More -04:19 – Hi, my name is Jeremy Christie. I’m a wine consultant here at Wines and more in Cranston, Rhode Island and a certified sommelier and today I’m here to talk about the perfect pairing for Chef Nick’s loaded southwest chicken and rice bowl.

The wine that I’ve chosen today is the 2019 Pinot Gris from King Estate in Willamette Oregon.  King Estate is the largest certified organic winery in the US and has been biodynamic since 2016. Pinot Gris tends to be confused with Pinot Grigio they are exactly the same grape, just different spellings and different styles. And Pinot Gris plays really well in the sandbox with a lot of different flavors. There’s lots of stone fruit, peaches, nectarine, green apple, tons of flavors going on with Pinot Gris and that’s what we need to do to pair with this very fun dish that chef has created. On the palate, great balance with the acidity to the mouthfeel. And it’s just a long lingering finish. Absolutely just delicious. So I hope you enjoy this perfect pairing and we hope to see you soon here at Wines and more in Cranston, Rhode Island. Cheers and Salud.