On this Keep On Cookin’ with Nick Rabar learn how to make his delicious Buffalo Chicken Chili…just in time for SuperBowl or any other special event. Plus find out what’s the best wine to pair this dish with from Wines & More of Cranston, RI. 

Buffalo Chicken Sauté

Nick Rabar – 00:01 – What’s up everybody, thanks for checking us out, and as you all know, cooking outside is kind of what we do here, but it doesn’t look like it’s in the plan today. So we’re gonna head on down to my brand new restaurant HoneyBird which is still under construction, but I know one thing for certain the crew down there would love nothing more than a big bowl of buffalo chicken chili. So I say let’s give it to them. We’re heading down to honey bird, which is our newest restaurant and is still totally under construction. We don’t have a kitchen as of yet, so we have to pack up all the gear and go take care of our construction crew down there. These are some big boys and they love to eat. We’re gonna hammer through this recipe here today. It is absolutely a concrete trimmed out load bearing recipe that requires no change orders and can handle the punch list. Here we are, showtime…and just like that we’re all set up, and of course I forgot to light but look what we have here. Thank you, Greg.

NR – 1:28 –  Now that we got that lit, let’s get cooking. I’m going to start off by putting a little bit of oil and we are going to sauté up some fresh chopped onions and a little bit of celery. Those are going to hit that heat you’re talking about medium high heat here. And of course we’re going to season as we go we’ve got a little bit of kosher salt, a little bit of black pepper, and we’re gonna cook these onions for probably five minutes or so just as it gets soft and translucent. Alright, once those have softened up, we’re going to go in with a little bit of fresh chopped tomato. Nice equal sized cuts. Corn right off the cob. And we’re gonna go in with some beautifully ground chicken. So we’re using ground chicken raw ground chicken. When you’re making chili, you’re usually using ground beef or ground turkey or ground pork. Ground chicken has a tendency to sort of bundle together you really got to chop and mix as you go to sort of break it all up. Alright, so you can see that has all broken up absolutely perfectly. It’s not a solid mass anymore. It’s all nice individual chili sized pieces.

Buffalo Chicken Chili – Seasoning


NR – 2:41 – We’re gonna go with some seasoning, so it’s not chili without chili powder. So little chili powder, little smoked paprika. Go in with some granulated garlic and some fresh cracked pepper. Beautiful. Got all that and mix it up. And look at that. That eruption of aroma. Just taking over. Look at that right there. It’s really coming together absolutely perfectly.

Wet Ingredients

NR – 3:12 – Alright, so this has now come perfectly together, with all the solid ingredients. We’re going to start to go in with some wet ingredients here. We’re gonna go in with a little bit of crushed tomato going with a little bit of high quality h2o, stretch some of that out. And then of course the star of the show Frank’s Red Hot. There it is. Frank’s Red Hot has a lot of vinegar in it and a lot of pepper. So you got to be real cautious as to how you handle it. To keep it in check, we’re going to go in with some brown sugar. And that brown sugar is going to add a little bit of sweetness to this which is going to help tame that Frank’s Red Hot and woohoo we are getting there. All right, well this has been simmering now for a good five minutes.

Final Ingredients

NR – 4:02 – Everything is broken down the chicken is cooked. The liquid looks perfect and we’re gonna hit it up with some black beans. Also going to go in with a pinch of cilantro. These are our final ingredients. You want to wait till the end to put the beans in so that they don’t break down during the cooking process. And you want to go in with your herbs at the last second to make sure they stay nice and vibrant. Grab a ladle and that is Buffalo Chicken chili. So no chili is complete without a little bit of sour cream. Just enough in the middle there. Some cheddar cheese kind of standard and because we’re doing buffalo chicken we’re going to hit with some blue cheese crumbles as well. Green onion and boom, there it is Buffalo Chicken chili and of course the best part of making a big pot of chili is sharing it with your friends. Brandy want to grab some beers There it is. To evergreen baby and to Honey Bird. Well that was a crazy amount of fun. Thanks for joining us here at honey bird guys and checking us out as always, and until we meet again Keep on Cookin.

Wine Pairing

Krasi Lafore, Fine Wine Manager – Wines & More – 05:27 – Hello, everybody this is Krasi Lafore,  fine wine manager at Wines and More in Cranston, Rhode Island and I’m here to present a great wine pairing for Chef Nick’s buffalo chicken chili. This wine is from a family owned and sustainably grown winery in Paso Robles, California. Broken Earth winery. La Bet the beast is 100% Tannat grape that doesn’t hold back and neither should you. Very rich in fruit forward red with flavors of black and red berries, like cranberries and black Mulberry. On the palate, the tenant’s is soft, and there is no simple sweetness that will complement the sweetness and spice of the buffalo chicken chili. Come on down to pick a bottle and try it for yourself. Cheers. And we hope to see you soon here at Wines and more in Cranston, Rhode Island