Miki Ohlsen, Artistic Director – 00:03 – Island Moving Company is a professional, contemporary ballet company that was founded in 1982. We’re located in Newport, Rhode Island on 3 Charles Street, our studios and offices are there.

Peter Bramante, Executive Director -00:16 -Island Moving Company was really organized to be a community asset and the fact that it’s not only survived but thrived for 40 years in a community the size of Newport is in itself a feat.

MO – 00:31 – This is an organization that really pulls together as a team to make things happen, or we could never have made it to this 40th year.

PB – 00:40 – We’re really excited that the work we’re taking on to represent this celebration are equally ambitious and something to be enjoyed by all.  Masterful Movers is a gala celebration of our 40th anniversary season, which we’re so excited about.


MO – 00:57 – We’ll be performing in Providence at Veterans Memorial Auditorium.

Danielle Genest – Associate Artistic Director – 01:01 -It’s incredible to stand on that stage and look out, it just takes your breath away. It’s such a beautiful, vast auditorium. And we all as dancers all dream of dancing on stages like that.

PB – 01:17 – The work that’s been selected by artistic directors for this production are equal to the scale and production value of that space. So an internationally acclaimed choreographer, Nicolo Fante, will be in residence resetting, his masterwork where we left off.


MO -01:34 – It’s amazing when a choreographer like Niccolo comes to this community and the entire community get to experience this person and the way they work. We’re also going to do a new Carmina Burana, in collaboration with the Rhode Island Civic Chorale, under the direction of Joshua Rhoda. Every dancer knows Carmina Borongan. So when we said Carmina Burana, you know, the excitement in the room was just palpable.

DG – 02:09 -Everyone is really happy to be part of such a big collaboration and new work like this. It’s exciting. I think that’s one of the wonderful things of our work is when you get to work with other artists and come together on a project.

PB – 02:25 -It’s really truly democracy at work, which is difficult, but really satisfying.

MO – 02:33 –That’s what Island moving company really is all about. This bit of collaboration has been with us since our inception. This is who we are at our core.

PB 02:43 – We are in rehearsal now in in our studios to mount these works and it’s a one night only event March 11, at the Vets in Providence.

MO – 02:51- You can buy tickets at the Island Moving Company website, Island moving co.org It’s a dream come true. It’s something I dreamed about many many years ago. And so it’s very exciting that it will happen for the 40th anniversary.