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Driven Highlights Porsche: Racing Legends, Restoration and the 911 GT3

Driven Episode 4: Racing Legends and the Legendary Porsche 


Driven Introduces You to Porsche Racing Legend Alan Johnson

In this segment of Driven, Tom Gregory introduces us to Porsche racing legend Alan Johnson. His list of accomplishments includes author, mentor, successful businessman and 4-time SCCA Champion.

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Driven Takes You Where Classic Porsche’s are Reborn

Tom Gregory travels to Southern California to visit CPR Classic. CPR specializes in restoring Porches of all models and styles back to their former glory. They currently have over 120 Porsche’s in varying stages of restoration.

Driven Goes Around the Track in a Porsche 911 GT3

What has 500 horsepower, goes 0-50 in 3.8 seconds and will set you back a cool $150K? The Porsche 911 GT3 of course. On this segment of Driven, Tom Gregory gets behind the wheel and experiences the amazing Porsche GT3 at Nola Motorsports.

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What to Do When the Check Engine Light Comes On

In the Yo! Adrian segment of Driven, Adrian talks about how to respond to the “check engine” light in your car.

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