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New Season of ‘Driven’ Explores Why We Love the Drive

Driven Season 2 premieres Sunday, February 9th on YurView, with new episodes weekly.

Ever since the Ford Model T started rolling off the assembly line back in 1906, Americans have had a love affair with the automobile. Over the past 100 plus years, we’ve seen many new makes, models and significant advances in technology. Through it all, one thing stays the same – Americans love their cars.

What drives our passion for the automobile?

The answer depends on who you ask.

To many car enthusiasts, it’s supercars that go 0-60 in 2.6 seconds or the classic beauty of a 1963 Corvette. Others enjoy discovering the latest in automotive technology and the future of autonomous cars.

For the casual car lover, many just look forward to heading out on a warm spring day and cruising down historic Route 66, Blue Ridge Parkway or the Pacific Coast Highway.  For the “do it yourself” mechanic, it could be tips and advice for buying a car or keeping your current transportation in top running condition.

Whether you consider yourself a serious car enthusiast, everyday driver or somewhere in between, there’s something for everyone on this season of Driven.

Season 2 premieres Sunday, February 9th on YurView in Cox Communications markets around the country, with new episodes weekly.

Driven takes you behind the wheel, under the hood and out on the open road for a look at cars and the people who love them.

The show is hosted by Tom Gregory, a car lover and 8 time Emmy award-winning host, writer, and producer. He says it’s all about our love affair with cars and the open road, “Driven is unlike all the other car shows out there on TV or online. We are telling stories about cars and the people that love their cars. There’s something in Driven for the total gear-head to the backseat driver… the show moves faster than a Ferrari 488 GTB.”

Driven host Tom Gregory
Tom Gregory host of Driven

How to watch

Scheduled air times are Sunday at 8:00 pm, with replays Monday at 8:30 pm, Wednesday at 10:30 pm and Thursday at 8:30 pm. Check local listings for specific times and channel information in your region.

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Sneak peek at what’s coming up this season

Episode 1:
Driven heads to Rhode Island’s beautiful coast for Audrain’s Newport Concours & Motor Week. Host Tom Gregory checks out over a billion dollars’ worth of automobile excellence and talks shop with noted car guy Jay Leno. History, luxury, and sport describe both the city and this one of a kind car event, and Driven has your all-access pass.

Episode 2:
Driven takes you to the place Carroll Shelby built—the Shelby Heritage Center and Production Center in Las Vegas: The folks who created the Ford GT that beat Ferrari at LeMans and are still putting the high-octane hiss in the Cobra at this working factory and museum that will get your motor running. Plus, we get a behind scenes look at the making of the movie Ford vs Ferrari and find out what the guys who worked with Carroll Shelby think of the flick.

Silver Shelby Cobra from the Shelby Heritage Center in Las Vegas

Episode 3:
Driven is on the road to the Gulf Coast for the Annual “Cruisin’ The Coast, America’s Biggest Block Party”. Join car enthusiasts from over 40 states plus Canada, Germany and Puerto Rico as they celebrate antique, classic and hot rod vehicles. Tom even enters a burnout contest that definitely destroys some tires! Where there’s smoke—there’s Driven!

Episode 4:
The world gathers in Las Vegas for the largest Consumer Electronics Show on the planet, and Driven is there to find out the latest in auto tech and gadgets. Host Tom Gregory explores the future of self-driving vehicles, flying cars, and a new SUV that is ready to take on Tesla. Tom is definitely in over his head in the world of tech.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Farber

Also on Driven:

Great American Drives: We travel the roads that move Americans. Not just physically, but emotionally and sometimes even spiritually. Routes that define the local experience while expanding the country’s love affair with the automobile. For the car lover, these are musts for your “bucket list.”

Riding Shotgun (New): Go along for a ride with car lovers that are as unique as the cars they love. Antiques, classics, and hot rods, each with their own story as told by the one person who knows that story the best. Get more than just what’s under the hood, get why a car can get into a driver’s soul.

Yo! Adrian: Adrain LeBlanc is the mechanic we all wish we had. He’s like a throwback to your dad’s trusty mechanic that could fix anything. Get helpful hints for keeping your car on the road and off the rack! Delivered with a pinch of Louisiana hot sauce.

driven yo adrian

Road Test: Do you think you know cars? Test your automotive acumen and internal combustion intellect every week. And yes, it will go on your permanent record!

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Watch the season 2 premiere of ‘Driven’ – Sunday, February 9th at 8:00 pm. Replays Monday at 8:30 pm, Wednesday 10:30 pm, and Thursday 8:30 pm (check local listings for times and channel information in your region).