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Driven Goes Back to School and Behind the Scenes

Driven Episode 2: Back to School and Behind the Scenes

Driven at the New Orleans Supercar Academy

On this segment of Driven, Tom Gregory takes you behind the wheel of a Ferrari at the Xtreme Xperience Supercar Academy. Looking for an adrenaline rush? You can learn the art of driving a supercar!

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Automobilia Auctions – A Great Way to Collect Car Memorabilia

Rick DeBruhl covers the automobilia auction at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, Arizona. If you’re looking for cool car related collectibles, you’ll find items such as gas pumps, gas station signs, coca cola memorabilia and much more. In addition, Tech N Toys looks at the latest technology in car dashcams.

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Behind the Scenes at MotorTrend’s Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction

Rick DeBruhl shows you what it takes to put on the MotorTrend Barrett-Jackson Auction – the world’s greatest collector car auctions.


What to do When You See Warning Lights

On this segment of Driven, you’re driving down the road and all of sudden you see warning light(s). What should you do? ASE Certified Master Mechanic Adrian LeBlanc explains.

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