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Helping Students Succeed and Thrive During Challenging Times

School is back in session and for many of us, online learning continues to be the temporary ‘norm’. The transition to an online learning environment can be challenging, even in the best of circumstances. As educators continue to strive to minimize the disruption of school life, teachers and students are making the best of the current education model.

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Providing Support for Educators, Students and Parents

It was so great to chat with Ilana Lowery, Arizona Regional Director of Common Sense Media, on what they’re doing (in partnership with Cox Connect2Compete) to help facilitate this transition and provide much-needed support to educators, students and parents alike.

Tips for Creating a Virtual Learning Environment

And speaking of providing a positive and effective learning environment for your students, I’m happy to give you a glimpse into my kids’ at-home learning spaces and share some ideas on how to upgrade your home-learning environment.

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My son Noah, the third-grader, virtually learning in his space.

There are many ways to boost learning at home by setting up an area for your child that will help them feel focused and comfortable. Here are some tips that worked for us!

Social Connection Matters

During this time of necessary physical distancing, creating a virtual environment for students to socially, emotionally and intellectually connect is more important than ever for educators.

In an effort to get students off to a good start for the school year, the Creighton School District provided free iPads to every student at Monte Vista Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona.

Truly a terrific example of ‘doing more’!

Virtual Back to School Fair

Every summer for many years, southern Nevada families have relied on Cox back to school fairs to get ready to return to the classroom. Of course this year, an in-person fair wasn’t possible, so Cox created a virtual fair all online via coxbacktochoolfair.com. Super cool!

Giving Back to the Community in Louisiana

Our final stop in this episode of “Doing More” was Louisiana to highlight a local residential building company going above and beyond to give back to the community they serve. Manuel Builders, a family-owned company, has worked tirelessly for 55 years to provide attractive, well-designed homes for the community throughout South Louisiana.

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On behalf of the “Doing More” team, we hope you’re staying safe and remaining hopeful!

Erica Cardenas (@ericacardenas1)