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Thanksgiving DIY Inspiration Ideas

By Jane Monzures

Beyond the turkey and all the trimmings, make an even bigger impression with your home décor and turn your already spectacular table into a fall festival!

Without buying an entirely new dinning room table and chair set you can update the look by simply recovering the chairs. I always say, “save your scraps!” and now this is the time to use them! Gather up all those fabric scraps you’ve been saving, top stitch them together in an interesting pattern, leaving raw edges to give it texture, and cover the chair cushion. Using fall theme colors you can update your table for this holiday, and the best part is this decorating tip can change by season!

Now, for the foundation of your table, start by creating a chalkboard table runner. You’ll need to measure the table and decide on the length and width of your table runner. Then, sew on a burlap edging to give it a rustic feel. Write a message to your guests on the chalkboard fabric and be sure to give everyone a piece of chalk to write what they are thankful for!

At every place setting you can create a cute pinecone place card holder. Once you have your pinecones add a dab of paint to the edges and print your guests names on cards to slip into the top of each pinecone; instead of names you can also print photos of their faces for place settings.

Next we are going to add stylish flair to the place settings but making our own napkin holders…out of hot glue! Use a silicone candy mold that can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees, fill the mold with hot glue and a piece of twine and let it dry. Once it’s solid (about 20 minutes) pop it out of the candy mold, paint it any color you like and wrap up your napkins.

The trend this year for centerpieces is simple and easy so by adding a few small pumpkins to a cylinder vase your table gets a fall touch without taking up a ton of space; which means more room for food!

To go along with the table décor you can make home décor by repurposing those empty glass pickle jars. All you need to do us soak the label off with hot water and paint the glass jars, wrap a piece of burlap ribbon around each of them and using a stencil or stamp you can write anything you want on the ribbon.

A sweet addition to the décor are these indian corn candy favors. Fill a pastry bag with any candy you like, and wrap up the end with straw. Not only do these look great… but they make great party favors too!

You can change your wall art every season with a few stencils and paint. This canvas art is a great activity to spice up any wall.

And finally a craft for the kids! We all need hot pads when cooking a thanksgiving dinner so get the kids to help. Dip their little hands in fabric paint and use their handprints to create turkey images on your hot pads. Now you’ve got handprint hot pads; a fabulous way to create memories in the kitchen.

A table full of Thanksgiving DIY ideas and you have a lot to be thankful for this year!

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