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Create a More Simple Life with These Great Pointers

If you’re a crafter, you’ll want to come along as we visit a new art space called Pinspiration. We’ll also give you tips on organizing your pantry, getting new floors for your home and more on this episode of Arizona Living.

If you’re looking for a great date night, birthday party, or girl’s night out, Pinspiration is the place to come. We’ll show you all the creative things this community craft space has to offer.

We show you a new community craft space at High Street in Phoenix called Pinspiration. This DIY creative space allows you to create projects all of your friends will envy.

DIY expert, Jane Monzures shows us a coaster craft in her Craft Room Crash. See how this cool little project combines drinks and crafting.

Some say Mel’s Diner was the inspiration for the TV show ‘Alice.’ The diner has been the setting for several movies and TV shows. It hasn’t changed much over the years so the atmosphere is classic ‘diner.’ Check out their cool cup collection and don’t forget the chopped steak and eggs. Keep an eye out for the occasional celebrity sighting.

The kitchen is usually the ‘catch all’ space in the house, but our organizing expert will give you tips to organize your pantry in no time.

AAA Hardwood Floors provides us with laminate flooring tips.